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Advertising with  The- 

Our advertising is creative and listings are easy to navigate.  We want to create the most effective Ad Page for your company. Our goal is to have the LGBT community visit your Ad Page and be amazed at what you offer. The couples then contact you for your services and TRK tracks those visitors.  We will do our part to make your Ad exciting and colorful with pictures and texts from your website, and/or submission to [email protected] 

You will have the opportunity to make as many changes to fit your company’s mission once your membership has been activated, and any yearly basic contact information must be updated when changes are made within your organization to keep your information entegrty on TRK.  All changes must be submitted through [email protected]

      Premium Advertisement      

$399. annually

      This Ad Page will consist of the following:

  • The top picture on your ad can be used for things like              YouTube, A video about your company, or just a still                  picture. 
  • Your company name, address, phone number, 
      contact person, and social media information as well as          either your Logo or your own photo.
  • (7) Pictures from your website or/and Social Media.
  • A link to your company’s website.
  • A description about your company and 
      services you provide to couples.

    Category  Advertisement     

$229. annually

This page is only available when you purchase a Premium Advertisement

A 2nd Category Advertisement occurs when you have more than one category to list. The graphics department then customizes your 2nd and/or 3rd category to that specific division of your company. This has a “specific look” customized to the category and it is not just a repeat of the premium Ad Page while keeping the Premium Advertising format and information.


                 State Ribbon Banner Advertisement               

$479. annually.

This page is only available when you purchase a Premium Advertisement 

The State Ribbon Banner Advertisement is the first spotlight of your company in the state of Florida.  It will be the first thing seen by the LGBT couples when they first sign                                                                           onto the website. These banners will rotate every                                                                               3 seconds. As a part of the purchased state banner your                                                                     website will be linked to the banner and a couple may                                                                         choose to go directly to your company's Ad page. 

     Category Ribbon Banner Advertisement       

$229. annually.

The page is only available when you purchase a Premium Advertisement

A Category Ribbon Banner Advertisement opens when a couple goes to the category they are searching for and is the first thing seen within the category. As a part of the                                                                            purchased category banner your website will be linked to                                                                  the banner and a couple may choose to go directly to your                                                                company. These banners will rotate every 3 seconds.

                                                                                Basic Advertisement               

 $179. annually.

This is a Basic Advertisement which includes a snap shot of your logo or picture and a brief description about your company and services plus a contact person, phone 

                                                           number and a link to your website.