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Cake in the City

737 N Apopka Vineland Rd                                                 Contact Person:                     Phone: (407) 521-2822

Orlando, Florida 32818                                                          Michelle Culbeth                        Email: [email protected]


Cake in the City takes pride in collaborating with our clients to design desserts that coincide with the party theme and amaze the guests. Never before has dessert been the life of the party!

Cake in the City is a family business founded on 25 years of cake baking and decorating experience. Quality appearance, texture, and taste are at the heart of our baking process. We provide cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pies that are moist, delicious, and themed for any event.

Traditional and custom dessert for all cravings and occasions. Let us put the icing on the cake for you!