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DJ Connection

Serving the Duval County, Florida            Contact Person:                     Phone: (904) 349-3535

Jacksonville, FL 32241                             Alan Franco                   Email: [email protected]


Our DJs and entertainers are seasoned professionals and are highly skilled in their craft. We choose to work with only the best so that we can deliver the highest quality of customer service and entertainment. We are not ego driven and always take great care when interacting with and entertaining your guests. We certainly understand proper etiquette and don't believe in annoying microphone chatter. Our focus is on you and your guests, not us.

Established in 1988, by Owner Alan Franco, DJ connection is still one of North Florida's most requested entertainment services. It consists of a small, but very tight knit group of talented disc jockeys, entertainers and emcee's that have many years of experience with Weddings, Mitzvah Celebrations, Private Parties and Corporate events.

Whether you're a first time Bride-to-be, a corporate professional or someone that is planning your own celebration for the first time, we know it can be difficult to select the right entertainment for a big event and that's where we are dedicated to making the decision process a very smooth, comfortable and stress-free experience for you.