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Vital Nutrition is one of the premier brands of the New Era Cookware Company, a company which has skillfully manufactured cookware since 1874. Vital Nutrition cookware combines New Era's legacy of superior craftsmanship with a distinctive 7 Ply induction ready multi-clad surgical stainless steel to create the very finest cooking experience in your home. Vital Nutrition is proud to have our cookware crafted with American steel in Clarksville, Tennessee, and each piece of cookware is meticulously polished and inspected by hand to ensure you will receive a product that will last a lifetime.

These four knives cover all of the essential tasks in your kitchen. Includes 8" chef knife, 8" bread knife, 4.5" santoku, 3.5" paring. Buy together and save.

This set includes all the essential knives and supplements them with important utility and accessory items. Includes 12 slot bamboo block, 8" chef knife, 8" bread knife, 4.5" santoku, 3.5" paring, 4-piece steak set, 7" fillet knife, 7" vegetable cleaver, kitchen shears, and 8" honing steels.
8.5”. 10.5”, & 13.5” Sauté Pans – ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. These pans are ideal for pan frying, sautéing, searing, and browning. The flat bottom and curved sides make tossing and flipping food easy. The 13.5” pan features a side helper handle for easy lifting