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Spring Time Promotion

The Rainbow Knot LLC is now bringing our services to the LGBT community in 14 states throughout the USA so they can find Gay-friendly wedding vendors to plan for their special day. But, the only way this will be achieved is for Gay-friendly Wedding Vendors to become part of our advertising vehicle.

We have put together an amazing "Spring Time Promotion" to introduce your company to The Rainbow Knot family.  Your business will receive our one-year Premium Advertising Membership for $299.25, plus a second Category Membership FREE, a savings of $ 329.00.

Please follow the link below and fill out the membership form and choose your second category, then click "Send Message". After that click on "Stripe" a secure payment link. Then click on the "Premium Membership Ad" follow through to "checkout", on the left-hand side at the bottom of the form there is a box that you will enter the code we email you in your confirmation email. (Please note if you did not receive a code contact us right away.)

We are a unique company who understands, is sensitive to and is active in supporting the needs of the LGBT community through our churches, charities, and clubs to make sure equality continues for all.

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Marriage Equality For All