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Sugar Cubed

1506 13th St W                                                                   Contact Person:                                 Phone: (941) 251-4092

Bradenton, Florida  34205                                             Dana Johnson                                     Contact Vendor                                                                                  


I love baking. There is something about planning, measuring, mixing, baking, and waiting that fascinates me. The tools of the baker are few - flour, water, sugar, yeast, chocolate, and fruit - but the combinations that come from such a crayon-box of ingredients are mind blowing. Pastries have a life of their own. They grow, and change, and transform. From ugly-duckling doughs and batters, to beautiful swan-like concoctions of cakes, muffins, breads, and desserts.

I always wanted to be an artist, but painting never really grabbed me. I wasn't particularly good at drawing. And sculpting... let's not go there. However, when given a recipe, everything has its place. Just as any work of art, a recipe has form, function, and design. There is a purpose for even the smallest detail. Once the baker understands these tools, the art becomes natural and free-flowing

I hope Sugar Cubed becomes the canvas itself, where art and food elope in a way we've yet to understand. Let's experiment. Let's play. Let's have fun.  Think outside the cube.